Lydia Swartz

the Naked Truth

The Naked Truth was an evening's original word-driven entertainment with bodies moving to sounds and verbs. A dozen spoken word artists collaborated with aerials, song, dance, and music. Presented by Floating Mountain Poets from 9 pm to 1 am on Friday, June 10, 2011, at Faire Gallery Café on Olive Way in Seattle.

What is the Naked Truth? It is the revolutionary lie you tell when you discover what is missing from your story.

What is Faire Gallery Café? It was (sadly it is no more) drinks and gritty elegance on the pretty, dimpled western thigh of Capitol Hill.

What is Floating Mountain Poets? It is a troupe of spoken word artists and performers who have clawed their way up out of academe, corporate sanctity, nuts and bolts, and an embarrassment of other arts. They know how to put on a show.

This show rocked! (Images by Blue Sparks.)


 Terry Johnson Remembering the history that shapes us.

Terry Johnson found his way to poetry, fiction, plays, and painting
by asking himself what's behind this door.


David L. Jones chronicles the life of a working black man in modern day America. Here he is being the intense Guy You Do NOT Want To Follow at an open mic.

Drummer Tom Nivison & sound engineer par excellence Perry Emge watch Ben inflict his will upon the helpless (ha!) Noel and do nothing to stop it.
(Because what's not to like?)

Noël Parkinson is a doggedly determined, emotionally erotic, sometimes persistent, sometimes passionate poet who you may be lucky enough to remember from SEAF.


Solo Gyrl breaks our hearts with beauty and truth.

Solo Gyrl began her journey as an exotic dancer and
now shares erotic energy that might break your heart.


 Kerry Cox looking beautiful and sharing her power. Yes, she is a goddess!

Kerry Cox, a New Orleans transplant, is fresh from serving as Literary Art Director for the 2011 Seattle Erotic Art Festival and is author of several books of poetry.


If I Were A Woman, Lydia Swartz would be rockin the pink tutu.
(Pink tutu is the new black. Everybody looks good in a pink tutu.)

Lydia Swartz—poet, flaneur, pornographer, & propaganda minister—is dangerously fond of microphones and wants to track every damn open mic in Seattle at Seattle Spoken Word.


Tom Nivison sings the Naked Truth.

Tom Nivison is a Tacoma lawyer by day and a different sort of mouthpiece at night at venues like the late, lamented Little Red Studio.


Dobbie rocks our world!

Dobbie Reese Norris—poet, writer, raconteur—is the originator, host, and contributor to one of Seattle's longest running reading series, Third Tuesdays Poets & Writers.



Mishabae, what ARE you doing to that poor man,
who looks like he is hating every minute of it. Not.

Mishabae is a yoga instructor, massage therapist, and published author in her field. Writing poetry was always a private affair… until she found out what happens when she shares it.



     Tito Titus on the road to the Nighthawk. Thanks for bringing us along!

Tito Titus has published political and social satire in Seagull, Puget Soundings, Argus, and Seattle Post-Intelligencer—and swears it's not his fault they're history now.


Evelyn Gamage making the music that transports us to a different world.